An Application

Application is a noun. As per English language but in common sense application means a formal request to be consider for position or to be allow to do or have something submit to an authority, institution, organization, government and court. Synonym words for applications are request, appeal, petition, plea, solicitation etc. another popular meaning of the term application is to put the action or something else into operation. Like the application of common sense to a problem. The special use or purpose to which something is put

for e.g. a technology having numerous applications never thought of innovators.

Importance of an Application

Primary purpose of an application is to make an official request to provide an eligibility or self-candidature for vacant position for employment purpose. And also to make an appeal to authorize to do something or

to allow to take action or to refrain from something to do which is harmful to someone or to society at large. 

Information which is generally a part of an Application

A usual application form contains:

  • Job or purpose for which application is make
  • Name, address, telephone and email id of the applicant
  • Qualification or eligibility of an applicant.
  • Relevant skills and experience of an applicant
  • Grounds under which application is submit a particular authority.

Application a legal document or contract

An application, especially employment application is an important part of hiring process it provides the probable employer with clear and relevant information about the applicant. Hence, an application is also a legal document and

becomes a part of legal persons permanent file once he or she is hire for an employment.

As far as consideration of an application as contract or not is concerned general understanding is that you submit an application or offer and the company/authority can choose whether or not they want to accept it or reject it and form a contract with you or not. Simply because you have submitted an application does not mean that the company or

an authority will accept it on your terms and form a contract.


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