Author: Ayushi Nanda

Criminal Law

Adultery and the Indian Law

ABSTRACT Adultery shows a conflict between social pressure and individual struggle for happiness. People who practice adultery often face criticism and negative attitude from the society. According to Indian law, adultery is an offence under Section 497 IPC and offence of Adultery is only direct to man who violate the sanctity of marriage. So, it is a […]

The Wage Code, 2020, An Overview Of Code On Wages 2019
HR and Service

An Overview Of Code On Wages 2019

Introduction It is not wrong if it’s said that one of the most exploited sections of people or occupations would be “Labor”. The complexity in labor-related laws always considers a hindrance to the smooth functioning of a country. But after the Code of Wages 2019 came we can say that it was a great relief […]