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Different Theories Of Divorce
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Different Theories Of Divorce

Introduction Laws relating to marriage in India are not uniform. The case is the same for laws relating to divorce. They vary according to the religion one belongs to and hence, they originate out of different theories. This article sheds a light on the various theories based on which the divorce laws in India have […]

How-to-register-property-online-in-Delhi, Compulsory Registration Of Land (Delhi Requisite)
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Compulsory Registration Of Land (Delhi Requisite)

Introduction The Registration Act, 1908 serves to record and register documents/instruments correctly; giving them more authenticity. Registration means the documenting with the registrar of the contents of the document and the retention of copies of the original document. Documents are register for the purpose of proof retention, title assurance, advertising of documents and provisional registration. […]

Shell Companies
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All About Shell Companies

What is a Shell Company? Presently, none of the pivotal Indian Statutes including the Companies Act of 1956[1] and the Companies of 2013 give a definition for a ‘Shell company’. Even when there have been evident and longstanding efforts made by the Indian parliamentary panel to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to define such a ‘Shell […]

Dispute Resolution

Mediation In Divorce Proceedings

Introduction Mediation In Divorce Proceedings -Marital mediation is intended to deal with the practical problems of a settlement concerning the division of marital property money, spousal maintenance, child support, and children’s custodial arrangements. Emotional problems are not a priority. A simple, comprehensive structure and scope of reference are selected when a couple decides to seek settlement […]