Author: Shushmita Roy

limited Liability Partnership Settlement Scheme, 2020’, Partnership and Founders, limited liability partnership (LLP)
Planning & Execution, SEBI

The Revisions Made To ‘limited Liability Partnership Settlement Scheme, 2020’

Scheme-LLP stands for Limited Liability Partnership. This means that there exists only a limited liability towards the incorporated legal entity by each of its partners. LLP protects against liabilities to its partners by limiting their liability to the contribution agreed to in the agreement during incorporation. Although, it is liable to the full extent of […]

Functions and Duties of Family Courts, Working of the welfare organization and counselors attached to Family Court
Family Matters

Functions and Duties of Family Courts

Family courts are designed to deal with disputes arising in family matters such as divorce or child custody. One of the main goals of family court is to settle legal problems that can occur in families. The first Family Court case was established in the state of Rajasthan in 1985. Family Court Act, 1984 Family […]