Cybersecurity and data protection

Recent legal developments in the field of Cybersecurity and data protection

Before talking about the “Recent legal developments in the field of cybersecurity and data protection”. We should know what they really mean –


Cybersecurity is the practice design to protect networks, data and devices like mobile desktop or

any other technology from attack, damage or unauthorized access. It is also refer to as Information technology security.

Data Protection

Key pieces of information that are commonly store by businesses, be that employee records, customer details, loyalty schemes, transactions, or data collection, needs to be protected. This is to prevent that data from being misuse by

third parties for fraud, such as phishing scams and identity theft.

Now let’s take a look at the “Recent legal developments in the field of cybersecurity and data protection”:-
  • Coming to the first and the foremost development, the change in the Privacy Policies by the social media messaging app. The WhatsApp privacy policy changes garnered a lot of attention when it comes to India. The matter was also taken up in the Delhi High Court by the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) which demanded the rolling back of the new privacy policies by WhatsApp. To this plea, the Delhi HC mentioned, “What is your grievance? It’s a private app, don’t join it.” – Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva of Delhi High Court
  • The second development comes with the statement made by the Minister of Law and Justice of the country with respect to the government’s orders to the social messaging app for the banning of almost 200 accounts related to the ‘toolkit incident’. The Minister also mentioned that any and every kind of hate being spread online would not be tolerated under any circumstances and would be dealt with utmost seriousness. The Minister also added that the
  • people in this country have the right to g criticize the government and even the Prime Minister,
  • but spreading hate won’t be left unattended.
  • The contentious Personal Data Protection Bill of 2020 is now still being ask and debate upon. With the EU’s GDPR and the other nations having their own personal data protection laws, now the eyes are at India for passing the same bill and giving it the face of an Act.


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