Educational System

Educational system
Educational system, meaning thereby learning. Since ancient ages in India there have been saints who
taught their disciples. In modern days today we call them teacher and students. In earlier days, there
was no emphasis on education to the lower classes until they were of Royalties we could see this
system in our epic books like Mahabharata where we could see the discrimination for education against
the lower classes. Earlier it was based on Varna system where there were four Varna’s namely Brahmins,
khatriya, vasya, and shudras. Shudras were the lowest class and were only said to be good for lower
class works cleaning, carpentering, cobblers and other lower standard occupations, whereas Brahmins
were said to be knowledgeable person and only worthy to learn Vedas.

Nowadays we can see that there is no discrimination for education. Everyone can get the education
despite of different class or caste or color. But this system we see now only works for money. If you
cannot provide money for your education, you cannot get into good schools or college, which indirectly
influence the occupation of a person. As companies or any government department at first only rejects
or accept you, if you got your degree from the prestigious college or not. Also most of the people also
don’t get the jobs as the schools and colleges put mostly emphasis on marks. There is no
implementation of what we are taught. School has taught us that we need to follow the rules and
regulations we are taught without questioning them. We have heard about the story of eklavya who
gave his thumb to his teacher as a compensation for taking tuition. We saw that even if you are capable
you will not be given chance as it was the teacher’s duty makes king’s son the only capable person even
if he is not capable to accomplish. It’s not so different from today’s system. We still see the corruption
everywhere in politics, business, and education has also become a form of business. Today education
has become so expensive that the person has to think twice whether he should even study at that place
or not. There have private and public schools and colleges, which has default in its own way. If you have
studied in public school or colleges you are considered ill mannered, no so educated whereas if you have
studied in private schools and colleges then there is condition for money problems.

We see politicians making promises to provide education to everyone and have made compulsory for
every child under 14 to get education providing mid day meals. What will the government do if the child
parents are unable to even earn a single penny for their livelihood? Child has no choice but to follow
their parent’s footsteps and earn his money by doing child laboring. Government has banned the child
laboring for the age fewer than 14. This is contradictory is in itself.

But then what is this education system for? It hasn’t changed much from the early Vedic periods. Earlier
it was on caste discrimination and today it’s differentiated from marks system.

But there is also a fact that if the child wants to accomplish something and do every hard work need to
be done then he /she could accomplish anything despite of every challenge.

Someone has really told a real truth, “If you will follow success and then it will go far away from you, if
you pursue excellence then success would come running down to you “.

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