Lack Of Facilities In India During Second Wave Of COVID-19

Covid funerals, waiting relatives outside hospitals, sound of Ambulance, Crowded hospitals has been a daily scene recently. Many heart-breaking stories are coming in from across India. The world is going through a kind of dark period these days and the mankind eagerly waiting for a ray of hope to gateway from this threat of disease outbreak.Amidst the skyrocketing Covid cases in India, life of people is turned to be great miserable. Even after the Scientists prediction on second wave of pandemic, government lose the grip somewhere to prevent the
wrath of killer virus, asit continues wreaking havoc to human life for last one year.

On the one side doctors, government and people working together to save their lives from the disastrous deadly disease, while on the other part, government needs to save the country going to a famine situation. Because the freeze of Economic cycle will cause decline in economic growth. The government is thus forced to not gone to a complete nation-wide lockdown, if not more people will die of hunger than virus deaths.

After battling with the aggressive corona virus, India won the hearts of other nations on its achievement in developing two made-in- India vaccines, which made the Indian citizens a proud moment for not depending on foreign countries, which was a dream of our freedom fighters. On the contrary to these achievements, the current incidents during the Second wave of Covid in India made us a disgrace. Who needs to be blamed on the situation, Government or public? One person can’t manage everything on an uncontrollable situation in such a populous country like India. It is the duty of every person to put forward their effort on saving our country. Thus, the law and order of our country make us obliged to perform our own duty in such a situation. The state should ensure the welfare of people and give them assistance, while the people are obliged to follow the guidelines and rules.

India is currently in a state of health emergency amidst the surge in Covid cases. There is a sharp rise in number of cases during the second wave and is spreading much faster. India being a close to a developed country is facing a crisis in basic needs. Development is something which we needed to measure by ensuring basic facilities to people.

The Second wave of Covid really exposed real face of development in India. The lack of facilities, shortage of vaccines, health workers, oxygens and beds highlight the inadequate preparedness to handle the spread of virus. This shows the negligence of government in such an extreme situation or maybe the focus of government has been shifted to winning election than saving the precious lives of people. After the initial outbreak of the pandemic, everybody thought that the situation is under control by the introduction of vaccines. This overconfidence leads to earlier relaxation of Covid rules such as physical distancing, allowing various celebrations and other procession related to the festival leads to the Second wave.

Around 22 people died at a hospital in Maharashtra, when an Oxygen leak on an external storage tank cut off supply to Ventilators. Situation is no longer different in Delhi, UP and other states where the number of Covid patients relying on the oxygen supply. With the strain on India’s health facilities, there have occurred tragedies in different states which widen the depth of injury. The demand for oxygen is rising along with cases, exceeding supply. Every
possible way to tackle the present Oxygen shortage issue requires time which we don’t have as many of the people are in danger of losing their lives. We can’t blame government for oxygen supply because the production of oxygen was still high than the demand. But other facilities such as beds, ventilators, medicines, etc. are a subject we should have been think before. Adequate measures have to be taken to ensure everybody gets treatments, facilities
equally. There should be a monitoring system to take care of necessary infrastructure facilities. The government should also take necessary steps to give financial assistance for the quick accessibility of such facilities and must frequently monitor and evaluate the basic facilities.

What the government can do is to anticipate such worst situation and prepare for that. Disasters can happen anytime without expecting maybe natural and manmade disaster. It is not the first-time world face such a big crisis. Life will move on after this phase normally, lose cannot be recovered but we can build new. The government should be prepared for such uncontrollable events and strengthen the disaster management system. The preparedness to
the relief to such situation is of much significance in the coming era.

It’s been a year; we are facing such a horrible situation and probably people are used to the virus and its characteristics. But there was nothing done to avoid the hostility faced by the Covid patients. Many Covid patients face psychological problems while in the quarantine. So, it is vital to give necessary counselling sections to maintain their mental health. In fact, Menta health plays an active role in physical wellbeing of a person. Rather than the building on luxurious and design structures and building, first we have to ensure basic necessities like hospitals, quality educational institutions are sufficient. It is a digital era but yet equal accessibility on such facility is not available.

A typical govt. hospital doesn’t have sufficient doctors, nurses, or staff. Such hospitals are often crowded because they are catering to a large population in the surrounding area. They do not have enough beds. They’re dirty and unhygienic, they lack security, patient care is unheard of, there may often be shortage of medicines and consumables, staff may be corrupt and seek bribes from patients, and they may even lack basic utilities like steady supply of water, electricity, and fuel. Their ambulances may be unavailable due to breakdown or corruption, forcing patients to fend for themselves. There should be change in such situation in coming days. The digitalization of every area has its own advantages and disadvantages like it will reduce the employment opportunities. But in a situation arises like at present, the life of people should not be halt, as it can be continuing via virtually. Therefore, disaster and other Emergency management should be focused by the government. In a health emergency situation, there is a shortage of vaccines in various states and the allocated vaccines are now distributed at high cost, which cannot be affordable by many. There are still who neglect the importance of vaccine and it is important to give awareness and protect safety of people.Instead of entering into a political tactics, let join for saving lives of our loved ones. In
this moment we can think positively that this will be for a better future. Never too late for taking measures to solve the issue, group efforts will always give faster results.

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