Power Dressing


“Power dressing is a combat gear for the trip to the top” – Valerie Steele

The word ‘power dressing’ entered our lexicon in the middle of 1970’s, when a self-help book called Dress for Success inspired legions of office workers trying to climb their way up the corporate ladder in skirt suits and sensible heels.

In today’s world, the definition has been altered and is now important to a  person who holds a position in a business or a professional workplace.

Once, a wise man asked everyone to SUIT UP! You ask why? Let’s find out. 

Almost every profession requires a formal dress code which sets a visual image of a person and his/her professionalism at the workplace. Settings standards that help to go with the company’s image is important too.

So, let’s revise some basics of professional wear for both men and women to style themselves accordingly, using power dressing.

  1. Tailored Suits : Be it for men or women, A well fitted tailored suit which is neither tight nor loose and fits perfectly to your body type, speaks confidence rather than a off-the-rack suit. 
Bespoke Tailored Suits Vs. Off The Rack Suits - Blog Rexfabrics, POWER DRESSING
  1. Structured and clear cut silhouettes :

ALWAYS  opt for clear straight cut in the outfits instead of any kind of flares or puffs. That is the basic code of power dressing and this small detail will bring so much to the whole look.

The scientific reason behind why we dress up for work — Quartz, POWER DRESSING
  1. Bold over Prints : 

Prints tend to distract, and choosing a plain-bold outfit, that may be a shirt, pant, coat, skirt, kurta or even a saree won’t add up as a distraction.

Still, if you want to spice it up and want prints to your formal attire, go for small prints like polka dots, houndstooth and pin striped ones.

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  1. Textiles :

Again, a stiff and non flowy fabric, which also drapes well, will be your best option as a formal wear because it’ll help you give a clear and straight silhouette. 

Also, let’s take an example of trousers/pants . A sharp creased trouser is more of a formal wear than the one with a  flat front with no crease.

The Importance Of Cuffs For Suit Pants And Odd Trousers. | Mens formal pants,  Mens slacks, Mens trousers, POWER DRESSING

 Similarly, a fabric which crinkles and get crease at the end of the day is a complete NO!

  1. Layer Up : The more powerful you’d like to appear, the more comfortable layers you need to have on yourself.  Layer your outfit either with a light jacket or scarf, depending on the weather.
  2. Pleats and Tucks :

Tucked in and pleated attire will also provide a formal look. There are different forms of pleating and tucking techniques available on the internet to guide you through.

Tucks & Pleats Skirt | Pleated skirt, Skirts, Tale dressTutorial: Perfect & pretty pleats or tucks | Colette Blog

  1. Accessories : 

Bags : Chooses structured bags instead of the sloppy ones.

Scarves : Bold plain scarves instead of the printed ones

  1. No front-open-footwear : 

For a more professional look, always opt for a closed front shoe or sandal. For the ladies , go for the basic courtroom shoes or

sandals with minimal heels. For the gentlemen, oxfords are the best! Also, traditional footwear like, kolhapuris and juttis may be worn as business casuals but does not count as formals.

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Concluding, an individual is judged according to what he\she wears and how they present themselves at the workplace. Hence, one needs to remember, clothing communicates a message to the employer, client, and customer. Always make sure that the attire is structured and crisp.

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