Reply to the Legal Notices, Legal Notices

Reply to the Legal Notices

Legal Notices

No reply to Legal Notice

It is not mandatory to reply to a legal notice, yet it is advisable to replys to legal notice bearing in mind the laws applicable. No reply to notice can add an advantage to the opposite party in a court of law. Thus, to ensure that no reply

to a notice should not become a ground proving your fault, it is always preferable to reply to such a legal notice. One should hire an expert attorney or lawyer for preparing replys of legal notice.

If someone receives a Legal Notice

Legal Notices

In case if you have received a legal notice, the first think you should do is to call the sender of the notice and try to resolve the dispute amicably. It is not mandatory to respond to a legal notice but it is advisable to send an appreciate reply to such notice. If failed to send to reply to a legal notice to other party may use such a non-reply for his advantage and

they may blame you for not adhering to requirement of the notice, which is why the case has been filed.

If in your opinion the facts stated in the legal notice are false and you need to contest the legal notice then you can concern a lawyer take his assistance and

draft a precise reply to the notice denying the contents of the notice. While sending the reply to the notice, check if the claim is time barr or not. If it is time barred then you only need to reply that the claim is not within the limitation period.

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