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Exercise the right to freedom of
speech and expression.

Exercise your write to freedom of speech and expressions provided under Article 19 of the Constitution of India. Choose your subject and get featured on LawDocs TV, reach out to the public and let the viewers know that you are in expert in the area. For this, you shall get connected with the LawDocs team which shall make proper arrangements for the Webinar events. The webinar shall be published on the social media platforms of LawDocs so that more on more people get to know about the Webinar. You just have to speak before the camera and leave everything else upon the LawDocs IT team. The IT team shall edit the video and upload the same on YouTube so that it is permanently available for the people. In addition to this, the LawDocs legal team shall make the summary of the webinar and post it on the social media as well as LawDocs website.

We would further request you to deposit a service fee so that same can be transferred to IT professionals who will edit and upload your contents on the internet. This fee shall also make a contribution to the pocket money of paralegals who shall create a summary of the webinar.

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