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Laws In India Regarding Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the act of mentally, physically, emotionally, orpsychologically abusing person by their partner, or any of their relatives. It can beagainst both men and women, but it predominantly occurs among the womenfolk of the family. This is largely due to the patriarchal system of societies. It mayoccur due a variety of reasons such […]

Domestic Violence In India: Reinterpreting The Meaning Of Shared Households
Recent Updates

Domestic Violence

Recent development on Domestic Violence Recently the Supreme Court in the case of Vineeta Sharma v. Rakesh Sharma[1] held that daughters have equal coparcenary rights. In the footprints of this judgment, came the judgement of Satish Chander Ahuja v. Sneha Ahuja[2], which secured the rights of women in general and particular;y in divorce cases. The judgement was pronounced on […]