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Acceptance of a conditional offer with a further condition does not resulted in a concluded contract- Supreme Court
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Acceptance of a conditional offer with a further condition does not resulted in a concluded contract- Supreme Court

On 5th January 2021 a bench comprising of Justice Navin Sinha and Justice Indira Banerjee observe that when the acceptor puts in a new condition while accepting the contract already sign by the proposer, the contract is not complete until the proposer accepts that condition, while setting aside the a judgment of High Court. Noticing […]

Matters Relating To Guardianship And Custody Of Children
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Child Custody

Recent Development on Child Custody Child Custody- “The children are neither to be treated as chattels; nor as mere play-things for their parents” said Delhi High Court. After the break down of marriage or separation of spouses, the children are always the most affected parties. Children are sensitive and their needs are the utmost priority […]

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Compromise Deed

Compromise Deed : There are various instances wherein to put an end to a dispute the parties in dispute. Choose to resort to alternate dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration, conciliation or mediation etc. The objective of the parties to choose alternate means to resolve disputes arises. Out of the need to save the time, […]

Functions and Duties of Family Courts, Working of the welfare organization and counselors attached to Family Court
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Family Agreement & Reconciliation

Property disputes are widespread in India. Since greed is a great equalizer, wars for wealth are taking place at all levels, from low-income households to extreme-income families. Even an iron will, can be challenged by unfortunate beneficiaries. The obvious solution, however, for most arguing relatives to take the matter to court. However, this is a time-consuming, lengthy and expensive process that in no way guarantees a […]

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Legal News: Affidavit

AFFIDAVIT Recently Supreme Court under the Case came out with detailed directions on how Maintained Affidavit For Non- Agrarian Deponents cases shall be deal by in various courts of India. The template to be fill by non- Agrarian deponents meaning who are dependent on agriculture for livelihood and upkeep. Recent amendment in Form-26 in the […]

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Family Courts in India

Historical Background The first step towards the establishment of family courts in India was taken by Smt. Durgabai Deshmukh.[1] She got the opportunity to observe the workings of family courts on her tour of China, following which she made a proposal for the incorporation of the same in India to the Prime Minister of that time, […]

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Permanent Commission of Women in Indian Army

Embedded with the motto of the service before you, the Indian Army is a true symbol of morality, self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice. From ancient times we have seen and heard the tales of our men’s warfare. In changing times, women were draft into the army. However, these positions were originally offer for a period of 5 […]

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Swiss Ribbons Pvt Ltd And Anr Vs Union Of India And Ors

Introduction The decision of the Supreme Court of Swiss Ribbons v. The Union of India[1] which supports constitutional compliance with the provisions of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC or Code) is a milestone in the development of the Code.IBC is a significant departure from the former non-payment regimes in India, and some of […]