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The coronavirus 19 affected the world on a great scale. During the pandemic, the shutdown of cinema halls had given the rise to OTT platforms. Over Top platforms are the streaming and hosting services of audio and video that are provided directly to viewers over the Internet. Initially, OTT was content sharing platform but soon started making […]

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Are the New E-Commerce Rules Curbing Online Shopping or Levelling Between Online and Offline Shopping?

INTRODUCTION The government proposed changes to the Consumer Protection (e-commerce) Rules 2020 on 23rd July 2020[1], outlawing any flash sales[2] in order to keep track of humongous discounts offered on e-commerce websites. The consumer affairs Ministry in its official statement stated that “Conventional flash sales by third party sellers are not banned on e-commerce platform. But certain e-commerce […]

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E-Commerce – Unremarked Problems

E-Commerce as defined in Section 2 (16) of The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 is the buying or selling of goods or services including digital products over a digital or electronic network. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) defines e-commerce as: “All forms of transactions relating to commercial activities, including both organizations and individuals, which […]

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Online Consumer Shopping Habits and Behavior

Consumer Buying Attitudes deals with the actions that are undertaken by the consumer prior to the purchase of a product or service. This process encompasses employing search engines and interacting with social media posts among the wide range of other methods that are available. Businesses need to make sense of the above-stated process as it assists […]

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INTRODUCTION WHAT IS CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT? The Consumer Protection Act was enacted in 1986. Consumer complaints were easily and quickly compensated under the Consumer Protection Act, which was enacted in 1986. It protected and encouraged customers to speak up about inadequacies and defects in products and services. The statute protected consumers’ rights if traders and […]

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Introduction E-commerce is all about the transition of organizations to fully electronic media which can be achieved by altering the work procedures, reengineering the business process, and interacting with the partners and consumers beyond the traditional procedures. The main perspective of it is to shift from paper-based transactions to fully electronic procedures.[1] The Indian E-commerce industry […]

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The complaint in consumer court

The main objective of this article is that the reader is able to understand who can file a complaint in consumer court, how to file a complaint in consumer court, all of this with relation to the [1]Consumer protection act, 2019. Before we begin with these objectives let us first understand what is a consumer […]


Educational System

Educational systemEducational system, meaning thereby learning. Since ancient ages in India there have been saints whotaught their disciples. In modern days today we call them teacher and students. In earlier days, therewas no emphasis on education to the lower classes until they were of Royalties we could see thissystem in our epic books like Mahabharata […]


Enforcement of Fundamental Rights Against

Private Players А writ рetitiоn саn be filed in the High Соurt (Аrtiсle 226) оr the Suрreme Соurt(Аrtiсle 32) оf Indiа when аny оf yоur fundаmentаl rights аre viоlаted. Thejurisdiсtiоn with the High Соurt (Аrtiсle 226) with regаrds tо а writ рetitiоn is widerаnd extends to legal rights tоо. Who Саn Аррly?An аррliсаtiоn even when […]


CBI Investigation And Trail Proceedings

Historical Background of Central Bureau of InvestigationDuring the period of World War II, a Special Police Establishment (SPE) wasconstituted in 1941 in the Department of war of British India to deal withallegations related to bribery and corruption in war related procurements.Lateron it was formalized as an agency of Government of India to investigate intocorruption in […]


Laws In India Regarding Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the act of mentally, physically, emotionally, orpsychologically abusing person by their partner, or any of their relatives. It can beagainst both men and women, but it predominantly occurs among the womenfolk of the family. This is largely due to the patriarchal system of societies. It mayoccur due a variety of reasons such […]


Marital Rape In India

Rape is a type of sexual assault that involves the act of performing sexual activities onanother’s person without their consent. The rate of rapes committed is exorbitantly highand increasing at alarming rates too. It is a criminal offense as per the Indian PenalCode, 1860. Rape is covered under Section 375 of the IPC. The National […]


Corporate Social Responsibility

IntroductionThe Sanskrit proverb “Atithi Devo Bhava”, which means “the one who comes to you for serviceshould be taken to be God”, is regarded as the highest level of duty, whether to individuals orcommunity. As a result, the concept of social responsibility has its origins in India. This phrasehas long been associated with the expansion of […]


Lack Of Facilities In India During Second Wave Of COVID-19

Covid funerals, waiting relatives outside hospitals, sound of Ambulance, Crowded hospitals has been a daily scene recently. Many heart-breaking stories are coming in from across India. The world is going through a kind of dark period these days and the mankind eagerly waiting for a ray of hope to gateway from this threat of disease […]


Quasi Contract

IntroductionWe are all aware that agreement takes the shape of contract when enforced by law and for a contract to be valid all essentials of the contract such as parties to contract, its object needs to be lawful all the parties to the contract must be competent to contract, etc needs to be in track. […]

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Evolving laws pertaining to artificial intelligence in various jurisdictions

INTRODUCTIONArtificial intelligence (AI) and its development is the current hot topic and its preparation and use are moving forward speedily and is contributory to the world economy. AI has several advantages for example, enhancements increative thinking, services, safety, lifestyles, serving to solve problems and nonetheless at an equivalent time, raises several anxieties and considerations and […]

All about common internet and technology contract in India, E- Contracts and Digital Signatures

E- Contracts and Digital Signatures

Introduction With recent technological developments, there is an immense change in the standard of living of people. Thus, communication is not anymore limited to geographical boundaries. Now, information is transferred much widely and quickly than ever before. Electronic commerce has made its way and many problems are solved through the use of e-commerce.  Electronic commerce […]

Cybersecurity and data protection

Recent legal developments in the field of Cybersecurity and data protection

Before talking about the “Recent legal developments in the field of cybersecurity and data protection”. We should know what they really mean – Cybersecurity Cybersecurity is the practice design to protect networks, data and devices like mobile desktop or any other technology from attack, damage or unauthorized access. It is also refer to as Information […]


Whether Doctrine of Force Majeure Is Applicable in Commercial Lease Agreements During Covid-19

INTRODUCTION Covid-19 is unprecedented crisis which is faced all over the world; it has unleashed an economic crisis and has brought number of issues with regard to commercial lease agreement, as tenant associations increasingly seek waivers. In this pandemic situation the main question for the tenant that arose was whether tenant will be able to […]